Our Story

One spring day, a few years ago when the Belle Plaine Cooperative was the height of their busy season, an idea came to mind.  Anhydrous tanks need to be filled and toolbars needed to be moved and with no time to waste.  It was a very chaotic spring season, as usual…

I was employed full time at the Belle Plaine Cooperative, Belle Plaine, MN and my son, Steve, who was a senior in high school worked there as part of a work program.  It was a mad rush spring season as usual and Steve’s job was to move and fill anhydrous tanks along with moving toolbars.  After weeks of getting on and off the tractor to hook-up to the equipment, Steve asked me if it was possible for us to build a hydraulic hitch to mount onto a skidsteer to make moving the equipment and tanks around faster and easier.  After much thought and a few months of time to let the work season slow down, we decided to take a shot at building Steve’s idea.  We designed Steve’s Hitch™ to be easy to mount and dismount from the skidsteer and since it is hydraulically operated, the operator never has to leave the vehicle to hook-up to the equipment.

We were so amazed at how much more efficient and safely we could do our job that we decided to patent the idea and offer it to all of you who need to improve the productivity of your operation.

That is our story on Steve’s Hitch™